Locomotive Kits

The standard range listed below is carried in stock.
Prices (incl. GST):-  as shown.

The DERM kits are also available fitted with RP25 code 88 wheels in HO or EM gauge to special order only.
For bulk and special orders, contact Steam Era Models for a quotation.

NOTE: The photos below show assembled and painted models and are fitted with couplers that are not included in the standard kit.

HO Scale Victorian Railways Steam Locomotive Kits

Composite etched brass/whitemetal kit

L5C Coal Burning VR R Class 4-6-4 Locomotive, 1951 - 1972 period

L5O Oil-burning R Class 4-6-4 Locomotive, 1955 - 1966 period

L6 VR S Class 4-6-2 Passenger Locomotive, 1945 - 1954 period.

L9C Coal fired VR J Class 2-8-0 Locomotive, 1955 - 1972 period.
- Out Of stock

Oil fired J Class 2-8-0 Locomotive, 1955 - 1972 period.
- Out Of stock

L10E X Class 2-8-2 Locomotive, 1929 - 1935 period.
Out Of Stock

L10R X Class 2-8-2 Locomotive, rivetted tender 1945 - 62 period.

HO Scale Victorian Railways DERM Railcar Kits
Injection moulded polystyrene kits

L1 VR DERM 1952 - 1959 period
Spoked wheels, plateframe bogie, 
rod cowcatcher

L2 VR DERM 1960 - 1966 period
Spoked wheels, plateframe bogie
L3 VR DERM 1967 - 1980 period
Spoked wheels, cast bogie
L4 VR DERM 1980 - 1990 period
Disc wheels, cast bogie

HO Scale Victorian Railways RT Rail Tractor Kit
Etched and lost wax cast brass kit

L7 VR RT Rail Tractor,
1950's - 1990's period

HO Scale Victorian Railways AEC Rail Motor and Trailer Kit
Etched and lost wax cast brass kit

L8 VR AEC Rail Motor and Trailer,
1940's - early 1950's period

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